This project is to design and craft a pop-up card and a matching envelope. The subject for the card is left open-ended, allowing students to complete creative liberty to choose any topic that sparks interest or inspiration. This project aims to create an engaging and visually appealing pop-up mechanism that surprises and delights the recipient. The envelope design should complement the card, enhancing the aesthetic and thematic unity.
At the inception of this project, I was drawn towards incorporating elements from nature into my design, leading me to choose flowers as my central theme. From there, I started brainstorming how to make this concept come alive in a pop-up card. My favorite flower, the lily of the valley, became the perfect choice for the main subject. I envisioned a basket filled with these blooming lilies, ready to spring forth when the card opened. Initially, my ideas were simple sketches and notes about possible pop-up mechanisms and design layouts. As I progressed, I began refining these thoughts, focusing on how to represent the lilies in a 3D format best while ensuring their beauty and elegance were preserved.
My process started with brainstorming and research. After settling on the theme of flowers, specifically my favorite lily, I explored ways to manifest this concept into a pop-up card. I spent significant time online seeking techniques and examples of similar pop-up cards. This research helped me visualize how I could bring my card to life. I was looking at the aesthetics and the mechanics of how the pop-up element would function.
Once I had a clear vision, I began the creation process. My first step was to use Adobe Fresco to design the individual elements of my pop-up card - the lilies, leaves, and baskets. Following this, I used a Cricut machine to precisely cut out these designs, ensuring clean and detailed elements for my card. Also, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the background for my card, a setting within which the basket of lilies would pop up. After preparing all the components, I carefully adhered them to the background paper, bringing my concept to life in a three-dimensional form. To complete the project, I chose a large piece of blue paper to craft the envelope, providing a fitting wrap for my intricate pop-up card and adding a touch of anticipation for the recipient.
This project taught me much about designing and creating a pop-up card. The process allowed me to improve my skills in using Adobe Fresco, becoming more proficient and confident in my ability to design and build digital art. Furthermore, this project instilled a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in seeing my concept come to fruition. I take pride in creating a unique, personal, and beautiful piece of art that brings others joy. The experience has enriched my creative abilities and made me eager to explore more artistic projects.

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